How to sell beats on YouTube

Learn how to grow a type beat channel and sell beats on YouTube.

As a music producer, you might be exploring ways to sell beats online and grow your digital presence.

YouTube, being one of the most popular platforms, offers a great opportunity for this.

This guide will walk you through the process of selling beats online, specifically focusing on how to sell beats on YouTube and grow a 'type beat' channel.

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Table of Content

  • Understanding the YouTube Algorithm
  • Keyword Optimization and Research
  • Watch Time and Engagement
  • Focus on One Niche
  • Thumbnails: Make Them Click!
  • Crafting Titles and Descriptions
  • Consistency
  • YouTube Ads
  • Collaboration
  • Building a Strong Relationship with Your Audience
  • Final word

#1 Understanding the YouTube Algorithm

First things first, we need to understand the YouTube algorithm. It's a complex system that recommends videos based on engagement - likes, shares, and comments, watch time

So, if we want our beats to be recommended, we need to get people engaging with our videos.

How do we do that?

Well, it starts with creating top-notch beats that people can't help but listen to.

Then, we need to be consistent with our uploads, showing YouTube that we're serious about our channel.

And lastly, we need to interact with our audience - respond to comments, ask for likes and shares, and encourage viewers to subscribe.

#2 Keyword Optimization and Research

Keyword optimization is a game-changer when you're trying to sell beats online. This involves using tools to find out what beat-related keywords people are searching for on YouTube or Google. These keywords should reflect the types of beats you produce.

Research is crucial as well for getting your videos in front of the right audience.

Use tools like TubeBuddy or VidIQ to find keywords that are relevant to your beats and have a high search volume but low competition. Once you've identified your keywords, include them in your video title, description, and tags to improve your video's visibility.

For instance, if you're all about those "Drake type beats", including this keyword in your video title can help get your beat in front of the right audience.

But short keywords like ''Drake type beat'' are usually oversaturated, so if you're starting out try longer keywords like ''Drake type beat free for profit''.

drake type beat on youtube

#3 Watch Time and Engagement

Watch time and engagement are two key factors that the YouTube algorithm considers when ranking videos.

The longer viewers watch your videos and the more they interact with them (through likes, comments, shares, etc.), the higher your videos will rank.

To increase watch time, create high-quality, engaging beats that keeps viewers watching till the end. Encourage viewers to interact with your videos by asking them to like, comment, share, or subscribe.

#4 Focus on One Niche

One of the most effective strategies for growing a type beat channel is to focus on one niche.

For example, some producers focus on creating Drake type beats, while others may focus on J. Cole type beats. This focus allows you to become an expert in a particular style, making your channel the go-to place for that type of beat. It also makes keyword optimization easier, as you can focus on a specific set of keywords related to your niche.

For instance, I only focuse on one niche - sad type beats, which help me become a go-to place for artists who are searching for that type of beats.

sad type beat

#5 Thumbnails: Make Them Click!

When it comes to selling beats online, especially on YouTube, thumbnails are your secret weapon.

A great thumbnail can grab a viewer's attention and make them want to click on your beat.

Your thumbnails should be clear, high-resolution, and interesting.

They should also match the vibe of your beat and the overall branding of your channel.

Trust me, a well-designed thumbnail can make a big difference in your click-through rate.

how to sell beats on youtube

#6 Crafting Titles and Descriptions

Your video's title and description are more than just informational - they're powerful SEO tools that can help your beats reach a wider audience.

They should be optimized with your target keywords, but they should also be interesting to viewers.

Try adding words like "free" or "free for profit" to spark curiosity and increase click-through rates.

And remember, your description should accurately describe the video and include relevant keywords or alternative versions of them. But don't go overboard with the keywords - keep it natural and engaging.

titles and description for selling beats on youtube

#7 Consistency

Consistency is key when you're trying to sell beats online.

Regular uploads show the YouTube algorithm that your channel is active, which can boost your visibility.

YouTube favors artists or composers who have a good quantity of relevant content on their channel. If a user listens to one of your beats, YouTube's algorithm is likely to suggest more of your work to them.

Therefore, uploading a good quantity of high-quality beats will work in your favor and put you at better odds than someone with lesser content.

Aim to upload new type beats 3-4 times per week. This not only keeps your channel fresh with new content but also signals to the YouTube algorithm that your channel is active, which can boost your visibility in search results and recommendations.

#8 YouTube Ads

YouTube ads can be a powerful tool for driving traffic to your beat videos.

By creating a YouTube Video Ad campaign that targets your competitors' audience, you can introduce your beats to potential buyers.

Tools like Google Adwords can help you achieve this.

Creating a successful ad campaign involves understanding your target audience, crafting a compelling message, and choosing the right keywords.

Remember, the goal of your ad is not just to get views, but to attract viewers who are likely to be interested in your beats and potentially make a purchase.

youtube ads

#9 Collaboration

Don't limit yourself to YouTube. Share your beats on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to drive more traffic to your YouTube channel.

Also, consider collaborating with other creators in your niche. This can introduce your content to their audience, potentially increasing your subscriber count.

Collaboration can take many forms, from featuring another producer's beat on your channel to creating a beat together. This not only expands your reach but also adds variety to your content.

#10 Building a Strong Relationship with Your Audience

Engaging with your audience is crucial for channel growth.

Respond to comments, host live streams, and create polls to learn more about your viewers' preferences.

Building a strong relationship with your audience can lead to higher engagement rates, which can boost your visibility on YouTube.

Remember, your audience is more than just a number. They are your potential customers, and treating them with respect and appreciation can go a long way in building a loyal fan base.

relationship with audience for selling beats online

#11 Final word

Learning how to sell beats online, especially on YouTube, is a journey.

It requires understanding the platform's algorithm, optimizing your content with keywords, creating engaging thumbnails and titles, and consistently uploading high-quality beats.

Before you leave...

Make sure to check my ebook where I share the exact framework I use to go from zero to $700k+ in income with selling beats online.

Make sure to check my ebook where I share the exact framework I use to go from zero to $700k+ in income with selling beats online.

Get the eBook
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