How many pages does an eBook have?

  • The lenght of an eBook is 130 pages.
What's your background?
  • I run multiple 6 figure beat-selling business and Youtube channel with more than 450,000 subscribers. I'm a billboard music producer and founder of a record label, working with the likes of Powfu, Sik World, Ali Gatie, Dax, Ivan B, Jony, etc.
  • I've made over $700k from selling beats online and from Youtube monetization.
How soon after purchasing the ebook do I get access and how long will I be able to access the ebook for?
  • As soon as you complete your purchase you'll get immediate access. The ebook is yours once you buy it. You'll be able to access it for forever.

Do you offer any ongoing support for people who buy your course?

  • Do you offer any ongoingYes I do! Within the ebook itself, it's super easy to ask questions and I'll be able to easily respond right there.
  • You can ask me questions on Instagram @smartproducers.


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